Psychic Hirelings so-called Revd fleece stones, th

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Psychic Anti Christ Hirelings so-called Revd fleece stones, the once-born through psychic tricks. WHAT A SHAME? SEMINAR WITHOUT SPIRITUALITY BUT PURELY PSYCHIC ENTERTAINMENT.

St Theosevia Centre for Christian Spirituality

WhenSat, 12 November, 10:30 - 16:00
WhereAt St Theosevia House, 2 Canterbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6LU (map)
Description'Developing a Consciousness: Enlightenment and Christianity: a Workshop with Revd Nicholas Vesey' Director of the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre, author of Developing Consciousness- A Roadmap of the Journey to Enlightenment. Study days FREE for students with card. Non-students £5 (on door). No booking needed, just come, for all or part of the day. Lunch break 1-2pm (please provide your own lunch).

I attended the above seminar thinking that it would be of spiritual nature but it was so psychic that this so-called Revd rather entertained the once-born stones with psychic cards and pictures. I asked him whether Consciousness is related to Salt of the Earth Christ Jesus designated his Labourers and he replied yes they are related. But when I asked him why the Labourers of Christ Jesus were called Salt of the Earth, then hardly anyone knew. When I explained to them that John, the Baptist baptised Jewish men of age in the name of Abraham and as Abraham was the Righteous son of God, so were the sons of Abraham who were presented to Christ Jesus. I further explained that when the Jews become Jews of physical self and not of the heart, then they break their covenant with Abraham as Abraham was not a Jew but a Semite and they become sons of Satan Saltless people as they are showing their character today in Israel pushing the Palestinians out of their homes on one excuse or the other. No Conscience. Such saltless people are called Tares and they are being bundled up in Israel for the Final burning. You will expect a rush of Jews to Israel before the Atomic War. Same happened in 64 A.D. when the village people killed these saltless Jews and made them run for Jerusalem into the hands of robbers that they favoured at the Trial of Jesus. In the afternoon, this psychic hireling of Mammon Priest Revd Nicholas Vesey promised to talk about spirituality but he started giving some pictures and cards for people to be entertained with so that he can while away the time. He again was not interested in spirituality than his psychic tricks. Now, he sold some of his books and the centre paid him money for delivering this useless seminar. He happily departed as expected of a hireling. When asked how to eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the blood of Christ in order to be part of Christ Jesus, he had no idea. Not even the resident Dog-Collared Priest who thinks that I am a Marcion Gnostic when I have not read the Marcion Bible. Gnostics are Solitary and they receive His Word through logical reasoning by the grace of our Father but these Dog-Collared Priests learned the Christianity or the religious knowledge through Books written by the Messianic Jews who put their rotten and forbidden Torah in the forefront. I gave them the example of the spiritual Samaritan Woman at well who vetted Christ Jesus in spirit and within half an hour she proclaimed that you are a Prophet. She further declared that when Christ appears, He will tell us everything in details and Christ Jesus was so pleased with her spirituality that He revealed Himself to her that he had instructed his Labourers not to declare to anyone. So, the Jews were drunk with the old wine of the letters that the Samaritans were not. How could the Jews take the New Wine on top of the old wine, no way but the Samaritans did. So, who is better?
In a nutshell, these Dog-Collared Priests ordained by men after they are made drunk with the old wine of letters are spiritually useless people who become psychic to seek the praises of the once-born stones whilst the Royal Priests are Ordained by our Father to work in the Vineyard of our Father where He has Planted the True Vine Christ Jesus to emulate or copy to become compatible with him for grafting on. Priests are hirelings of Mammon whilst the Royal Priests receive it Free and give it Free. In fact, these Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon are a stumbling block to Christianity of our Father and the one who could escape their bad name to Gnostic would Preach Gospel that is written over one’s heart and not in the Books that are corruptible. So, put these hirelings to shame by asking simple questions as if God is Spirit, then who created two fleshes Adam and Eve? It is Yahweh, the jealous and revengeful demi-urge god of Nature that produces the once-born natural man.

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