Top Secret AREA-51 Scientists Deathbed Confessions About Aliens Time Travel.

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Top Secret AREA-51 Scientists Deathbed Confessions About Aliens Time Travel.
Voice is heavily altered to preserve AREA-51 scientists deathbed confession identity.
A top secret area 51 scientists deathbed confession about aliens time travel reveals the absolute proof and evidence of the reality of such abilities.
This is above cosmic top secret, and I must warn you that your life will be in danger if you continue with a need to know on such sensitive intelligence data.
Most of you are completely unaware of the true reality of the several thousands of different species of extraterrestrials real abilities involving
complete control over time and events, past, present, and future. Time is merely an illusion. All you are doing is going around the sun.
If there was no sun, you would be going around in deep black space in physicality or spirit for eternity. Then all it takes is an intelligent experienced
various density energy form to observe you, and then remote view quantum thought lock onto aspects of your thought actions at any position before or after actualities.
The danger is if you learn these techniques you will try to apply the same effects in space time without advanced nano biological computing
therefore possibly causing mixed neuro space fabric entraplication syndromes preventing reverse thought opt-out possibilities to reassert yourself in the universe.
Now as you are aware of such sensitive advanced knowledge, doors in your house may be open after you close them,
esoteric archaic billion year old extraterrestrial entities may follow your every move, heart palpitations occur, and you may only remember
the very start and finish of a movie or documentary. Keep in contact as I will be sharing cosmic Top Secret area 51 Scientists Deathbed Confession updates on these serious matters.
I must now move underground to Switzerland as this video message is being triangulated.

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