UFO Petition- Chief John Podesta on UFO disclosure

Allow 200+ official witnesses (ex government, military and NASA) to stand before congress and prove ET's are real.

For the past 50+ years, president after president have lied to the American people and the world about the truth regarding an E.T presence. The Disclosure Project has some 200+ witnesses that have worked for NASA, The Government, Military and Black Operations who all have evidence to show that YOU THE GOVERNMENT are telling lies!

SO WE THE PEOPLE demand that all witnesses are allowed to stand before Congress and present their evidence to the country so that a full investigation can be carried out.

To refuse this is to only call these people liars. Including one of them is Dr Edgar Mitchell a former Astronaught who has been to the Moon! and the former Governor of Arizona. Are these people really liars?

The time has come to lay all cards on the table and finally end the Truth Embargo!


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