UFO - Close Encounters #155/11-13-11

  • Uploaded by Sjkflm on Nov 14, 2011
  • Views: 792

This was a strange encounter with the craft (UFO). I first saw it then it was gone and then is was there? The first minute of film shot I was not sure what was going on> The film was uploaded and the craft (UFO) was like those UFO films shot that are textured like that of a 'jellyfish'? Looks like that of a glass/jellyfish texture at first (minute of film). Then the sphere does not appear until after the ship (UFO) tramnsforms? This was a very strange encounter for me. THERE IS A PIC POSTED HERE IN THE USERS PHOTO SECTION FROM TODAYS EVENT. THE INSERTED PICS ARE ALSO FROM THE FILM AND TWO OF THEM THE HEAT CAN BE SEEN ON THE UNDERNEATH SIDE OF THIS OBJECT.

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