John, the Baptist was Angel Gabriel who paved the

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John, the Baptist was Angel Gabriel who paved the way for Christ Jesus - 2. JOHN, THE BAPTIST WAS THE ARCH ANGEL GABRIEL.
Angels are people who are Perfect in the Moral Laws and they act as Messengers for the Sons of God. Angels work for ADAM and his demiurge god Yahweh, who like the ONCE-BORN Natural sons of Man are jealous and revengeful involving tit-for-tat, the basis of the Moral Laws of Moses. Whereas the Sons of God work for their Father as Labourers Fishing spiritual men into the Royal Kingdom of God that is within the hearts of people. The Angel create kingdom of heaven in Law and order that is outside in the world. Sons of Man are the Salt of the earth as they represent their tribal fathers and their honours. For example, Abraham was a Righteous Person who was in Allah and Allah was in Him. That is why, he would not swear by the name of Allah but by Himself. Angels bind people through man-made laws whose roots if they are in His Word or the Oral Torah, then they are sound and effective otherwise they are hollow and satanic. Laws are good if they are impartial in judgement but satanic if they are partial as Nicodemus pointed to the High Priest, let Christ Jesus present his case or defend but the satanic High Priest and his stooges were partial. There are many instances in your own practical life where people do favours to others for the sake of monetary rewards as in bribery or for votes to boost their popularity. In a country, where people are righteous, they live in Peace and harmony. Unrighteous sons of Satan create trouble and then they blame others. God has His own ways to sort out the sons of Satan as the riches of people led them to holocausts and robberies. In just society, there are neither rich nor poor as it was among the Samaritans of Light.
So, this Arch Angel John, the Baptist of Levi tribe also represented the Angel who went out during the Day Time to see the field and found Tares among the Wheat Plants as stated in Matt.13.v24-30. Yahweh, the Farmer said to the Angel, Leave them when the end of the world come, I will bundle up the Tares and burn them. Then, I will collect the fruit of the Wheat Plants into my Barn. That is, in the ensuing Atomic War, the sons of Satan, the Tares, unfaithful to their tribal fathers such as Hindu, Sikh, Jew, etc of physical self or outwardly fanatics would be bundled up and burnt during the sectarian riots whilst the pockets of Wheat Plants, people faithful to their tribal fathers, would remain safe and sound. Remember that Baby Jesus was sent to Egypt out of the sons of Satan, the Jews outwardly, and the sons of Ishmael faithful to Abraham looked after Baby Jesus and much honoured Him too. There are many stories about Baby Jesus which the most hypocrite Messianic Jews, Matt.12.v43-45, would not let the public know. They have put their corrupt Torah full of holes in the fore front and the New Testament in the background corrupted to suit their taste. Yahweh is the Lord that binds people in Laws or letters whilst our Father sets us Free in spirit. The same satanic trend is found in the Universities where people quote in letters and none of them try to deduct Gospel through logical reasoning.
In a nutshell, the Arch Angel John, the Baptist working for Adam prepared the way for Jesus by baptising the sensible Jews of age in the name of Abraham whilst Christ Jesus prepared 70 outer circle Labourers for His Apostles, the Sons of Most High Father Allah. Without these 70 Angels, the Apostles of Christ Jesus would have been useless but the Messianic Jews killed the Apostles by throwing them before the Lions creating Darkness far greater than before the arrival of Christ Jesus as stressed by Jesus in Matt.12.v43-45. Jews created Darkness in order to love Mammon but the love of Mammon led them to Holocausts. So, who is to be blamed for their deaths? They themselves as in this Dark Age, you reap what you sow and you cannot blame a third person. You will soon see how the rich will be killed by the poor with this worsening un-employment situation. ATOMIC WAR IS NOT FAR AWAY and please be righteous in your dealings.

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