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Zionism In WW1

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Nov 15, 2011
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A Documentary on How Zionism Started The First World War And How Zionism Brought America Into The First World War Against Germany More Questions On How Zionism Took America Into World War 1 For Begginers On Understanding The Zionist Network Zionism tried TO Bring World War 1 In Ever Sens The 1800's (The 19th Century) Jewish Zionists Role With Politics In World War 1 Europe More Crimes Done By Zionism Before And After The First World War The Zionist Influence With Winston Churchill How Zionist Both Jewish And Gentile BLACKMAILED Winston Churchill Into WW1 The British Jewry Tried To Stop Zionism To Keep World Piece How The Zionist Planed To Take Palestine During World War 1 How Zionism Has Started Most Of The Worlds Wars EXPOSE The Zionist Lies On Germany During World War 1 Israel Did 9/11 How German Zionists Brought American Military Action Into World War 1 Racist Zionist Plans In World War 1 And World War 2 Zionist Caused Germany To Lose World War 1 How Zionist Turned The US Into Joining The Allies Instead Of Germany In World War 1 Israel Before And During World War 1 The German Zionist Traitors In Germany

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