Satanic Alien Deception: The Friendship Case (Aliens = Jinns = devils) Part 1 of 5

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This is the official introduction of the "Friendship Case":

An extraordinary Italian case of alien contact with humans, kept secret for half a century, has finally come to light.

In Pescara, in 50'/70's, a group of extraterrestrials contacted directly an unsuspected number of people. The project was called Friendship. The humans were carried on their bases, even on board of UFOs. Almost all of the involved people belong to Italian high society. Among them, the famous consul Alberto Perego.
The witnesses of such incredible experience are finally determined to speak. The exclusive footage and photos that they collected are simply amazing.

Friendship: a case that will change your mind about the interaction between men and extraterrestrials.


Of course, the devils always introduce themselves as benevolent creatures, they always speak in the name of good, but they actually are the exact opposite of what they claim to be.

This whole New Age movement is to sell us the Aliens as those who were behind all the religions, and now they come for our ultimate lesson: god self-realization, oneness, .... They wrap all the religions in 1 and change the definition of the main concepts of the religion: God, judgement day, good and evil, satan, devils, hell, paradise, death..... that way, the people think they are still believers, but actually if they adopt these new age definitions, the true religion of God is totaly inversed and become eventually the perfect religion of Satan.

Country by country, the devils are revealing their presence, but not their true nature, they recognize that they have been watching us since the first man, Adam, they recognize that they have secret subterranean bases, but they don't recognize that they are a pure devils, which is expected knowing their true nature.

In each country, for decades, the devils have established a group of contact, and they are now revealing to the populace the existence of these groups, this trend just show that the devils will soon make their official declaration... Certainly once their slaves on earth (the illuminatis) will orchestrate the nuclear WW3 (trigged by the Middle East conflict), the Aliens will then come as our saviors.

Don't be fooled by these liars, the devils are lying to you through their media, they are preparing for your final fall, don't be fooled and put your Trust in Allah/God, the Sole and Unique God and Creator, obey his perfect last Book, the Quran, and for sure you'll be protected against their illusion.

Those who will be fooled by the devils will burn in hell forever. The only goal of Satan and his devils is to lead you in hell with them forever, that's what you want?

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