Shooting down UFO'S & the reality behind it

  • Uploaded by Sjkflm on Nov 17, 2011
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It is complicated and it is factual. During the slow motion playback on the 97 film one can pause the player at any given time when can get a clear image. The one film shows the boxed fan blades and just how big they really are. The semi has NO visible markings and the film was shot at about 3:00 am. The nightvision/infrared film shows dual laser shots fired at once. That filmed event happened the night that Bush was anounced over Gore as pres, within in 45 minute of the anouncement actually. All of the filmed events were shot in the open with no laws broken, even at that time. Hope this helps. ALL OF THE TAGS HAVE BEEN ALTERED OR REPLACED? I went and cleaned out what was listed, some of the other material has the tags from elsewhere? My tags are pretty basic.

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