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UFOs Over Ripon, Wisconsin - Nov.15, 2011

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  • uploaded: Nov 17, 2011
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Read more at http://www.realufos.net/2011/11/ufos-over-ripon-wisconsin-nov15-2011.html
Mufon report:
In response to another case reported from neenah/winnebago area-case# 33373- Ufo's were visible from Ripon wisconsin as well. Also appeared to be in the western direction and not too far in the distance. I've been starbathing for about 6 years now with much video proof of many activities in my area, as well as objects on the ground, and in my tree-60 feet off front porch which i may send that video for you too, another time. These particular objects I have gotten on video basically doing the same thing in 2009-for 3 days, with our lovely military doing there best to chase them with 7 or 8 fighter jets. This time no jets, but the scenario is the same-lights open up in the sky, craft comes out, and lights fade out. The last time i caught it on video it was lighter and you can make out shiny spheres in the video that would light up a little bit when they accelerated or changed direction abruptly. Too dark to make that out this time but what came out definetly strobed kind of like a plane but different kind of light. I missed four of them for sure when i turned and ran to get the camera, possibly more when i was out of sight, but for sure the first four i saw i didnt get, but could still see blinkys when i got back.

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  • Debunkerace#

    Debunkerace November 18, 2011 3:15:31 AM CET

    You see a UFO because your gullible, i see an ice crystal, and i watch the vids because i would love to see an alien spacecraft, so please come up with one!

  • Smigg#

    Smigg November 17, 2011 1:16:10 PM CET

    please stop with the silly comments, what is it with guys like you? the thought of something other than from our world really frightens you, please stop and go find something constructive with your time rather than embarrassing yourself with your knee jerk scared comments

  • Debunkerace#

    Debunkerace November 17, 2011 10:39:22 AM CET

    Flares from a military aircraft, if you look closely you can see the aircraft´s flashing lights in front of the flares as they burn out/fade away.

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