UFOs Over Ripon, Wisconsin - Nov.15, 2011

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Mufon report:
In response to another case reported from neenah/winnebago area-case# 33373- Ufo's were visible from Ripon wisconsin as well. Also appeared to be in the western direction and not too far in the distance. I've been starbathing for about 6 years now with much video proof of many activities in my area, as well as objects on the ground, and in my tree-60 feet off front porch which i may send that video for you too, another time. These particular objects I have gotten on video basically doing the same thing in 2009-for 3 days, with our lovely military doing there best to chase them with 7 or 8 fighter jets. This time no jets, but the scenario is the same-lights open up in the sky, craft comes out, and lights fade out. The last time i caught it on video it was lighter and you can make out shiny spheres in the video that would light up a little bit when they accelerated or changed direction abruptly. Too dark to make that out this time but what came out definetly strobed kind of like a plane but different kind of light. I missed four of them for sure when i turned and ran to get the camera, possibly more when i was out of sight, but for sure the first four i saw i didnt get, but could still see blinkys when i got back.

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