Oxford University theologians dead in letters bury

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Oxford University theologians dead in letters bury the dead. BRILLIANT SCIENTISTS BUT NONE A MAN TO BE FISHED INTO THE ROYAL KINGDOM OF GOD.
Hi Brethren,
I have attended quite a few Lectures in honour of Ian Ramsay that are chaired by a Catholic Priest who himself is a particle Physicist. He gets renowned scientists who are well known in their fields but without the Spark of His Light, they beat about the bush. I too am a scientist, a metallurgist but I was lucky to have my scientist father who was inquisitive. But these scientists feel great in their fields and even do not know who created Adam and Eve that you can see never mind our Father God that you cannot see but perceive. So, these theologians are just the blind led by the blind dog-collared Priests who do not know that in Jesus, we have been made the sons of Most High and the Royal Priests who are greater than the hireling Priests. Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus came to redeem us from the slavery of the Temple Priests by giving his own life as ransomed and here we are having super Priests that have bound people back into the slavery worse than before the arrival of Christ Jesus - Matt.12.v43-45. In a nutshell, these white washed cups with Dog-Collars are the Anti-Christ Hirelings of Mammon. In Jesus, what comes out of your own mouth that matters and not what the others say. These Brilliant scientists quote others to deliver their lectures and nothing comes from their heart where Christ rests. Or these scientists are dead burying their dead as they used to do in Jerusalem. They cannot read the signs of this Dark Age as Christ Jesus told that the Rabbis will tell you if the wind blows in this direction, then it will bring rain or not. But they could not tell the signs of the Dark Age as they were spiritually blind. Samaritan woman at the well was spiritual and in spirit she identified Christ Jesus to be a Prophet and further forecast when Christ will come, He will tell us everything. As the Jews hated the Samaritans for their spirituality, so are the present Book theologians especially at Oxford hate me for the spirituality. No one seems to be interested in my lectures or views. If I ask them to put me on for a lecture, there is no way. Spiritually dead love the spiritually dead men of letters but these scientists should be open minded. The Dog-Collared Catholic Priests do not want to know the men of spirit who Preach Gospel from their hearts and not the Books. Gnostics lead the Bible and other Holy Books that are corruptible. Gospel received through logical reasoning is incorruptible. I keep on puzzling them with my T-Shirts with theology such as unless you eat the Juicy Flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ, you have not part in Christ Jesus. They can hardly understand how to eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the blood of Christ. So, they are anti Christs misleading the people with their degrees in the letters of theology. Beware of them as you have to give your own account to God.
Here, I present a link to my Table on the Old and the New Covenants.

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