Knowing Our Enemy II by Wolf Teilahr

We're all sickened due to mass immigration, political correctness, the European SOVIET Union and so on. We focus on these things, their consequences, vent our anger and rightly so. But, for a change, why don't we focus on those who are truly responsible for such crimes against our nation, the "kings of the Khazars, the Rothschild Jews? It's time to hold them to account for their crimes against humanity as a whole. They are mass-murdering megalomaniacs who simply will not stop until they are confronted by our people as one.

What's the answer? Where's the solution? It's been staring us in the face since the 1930's. The answer is and always has been National Socialism, the ideology the Khazars still fear to this day. Why do you think that there's still so much propaganda leveled against it on our tv screens and in our cinemas on an almost daily basis?

Investigate the truth about Adolf Hitler and the glorious Third Reich and then act on what you know by teaching and informing others. Your only other alternative is to perish under the Bolshevik boot of the Jew World Order.

Wolf Teilahr

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