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Wir oder die Juden by Führer Adolf Hitler

Wir oder die Juden (The Jews or Us) by Führer Adolf Hitler
Robert Ley: "Wir oder die Juden...," Die Hoheitsträger 3 (May 1939)
In human life, a leader must emerge who can win others with his faith and make them happy. That is where leadership comes from. The same is true of nations. A nation and a race are called to make the others happy. One nation must rise above the others, and raise the others as well. -.-.-.-...-.-.-.-...---..-.-...-.-.....---....---
If the Jew wants to fight, it is fine with us. We have wanted that fight for a long time. There is no room in the world for the Jews any more. The Jew or us, one of us will have to go. We know that the Jew will lose, that he and his devilish, life-denying and destructive doctrines will be destroyed (vernichtet), Look around and see how the emigrants are increasing; even London has noticed. In Rome, they found the smartest Jesuit they had. A brutal butcher sits in Moscow. They form the front, and the Jew is behind them all. That no longer worries us, but we must see what is happening clearly and talk about it openly. Believe me, our enemies in the political confessional churches know that the hocus pocus they show to the world is only a bluff. They bluff anyway, and it depends on whether they can find enough idiots to believe them

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