The Pure And Simple Truth: *Part 1

The Pure And Simple Truth: Who Are We and Why Are We Here? To Thrive

In this 3 part series we will answer mans greatest question: "Who are we and why are we here?" It is neither about colour nor belief nor age nor wealth, fame, social status, political affiliation or appearance. All are distractions from the TRUTH.

"The lie always shows up first, then TRUTH to dispel it".

The truth is, all of the previous theories have been lies combined with partial truths to deceive even further from the truth that "we created ourselves/ this world" (when we were pure energy).

"let US make man in OUR image"
That was us discussing the Creation of us "spirit energy beings being placed in bodies" (mankind was already established by its use in the statement "let us make man" (it had already been discussed). What was being discussed in this statement was the "image" of mankind. The choice was made that man would be made in "their image" That image was not a human "hu-man (multi-coloured mankind already discussed) but was the physical "BODY" as the likeness of the "BODY" (group) from which we come. We ARE the CREATOR and this is our CREATION. It has been over run by those who wish for more "power" (energy). I have been Christian, observed religions, beliefs, natures, perspectives secret groups and opinions. All are partial truths to prevent the truth from happening. The truth here is quite clear: to remember, Re-member, (thus) RE-ASSEMBLE the "BODY" (CREATOR) here on earth. The series will explain further...

"A rose should never be placed in the hand of one who does not know their own strength" -O-

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