Chinese Dictatorship

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Is China an authoritarian state?
Western politicians try to avoid this topic.
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) calls China communist.
Some scholars say undoubtedly China a dictatorship.
The question is: which type of dictatorship?

Recently, French National Radio published article
Is China an authoritarian state? by Vermeer,
The CCP claims China to be communist,
not an authoritarian state.

Western politicians are unwilling to say
China is a totalitarian state, to not offend the CCP.
They cannot deny that China is not a dictatorship.
Otherwise, they would face public condemnation.

Dictatorship is defined as a person or a group
monopolizing political, financial and military powers.

Vermeer said, according to such a definition,
China is undoubtedly an authoritarian state.
CCP monopolizes all powers and imposes one-party rule.
There's no press freedom and illegal arrests are common.
Religious freedom is not protected in China.
Vermeer said China is a police state,
with elements of totalitarianism and authoritarianism.

Some scholars call current China "post-totalitarian";
some call "right-wing authoritarian", "self-totalitarianism",
or "new totalitarian system". Despite different concepts,
they all agree that China is a variant of dictatorship.

He Yongquan, a veteran democratic activist, said
it was a dictatorship under Mao; it is now authoritarian.

He: China was ruled by one person in the past,
now is by several people. This is the distinction.
Right and wrong are judged by the ruling class.
Nobody could undermine its rule.
The ruling class uses absolute means, such as
prisons, arrests and other means to suppress you.

Guangxi-based writer Jing Chu holds different views.

Jing Chu: I call the current regime Qin-Hitler-style.
I.e. 1st emperor Qin Shi Huang's centralized rule
plus Hitler's military power and Stalin's bloody terror,
blended into "socialism with Chinese characteristics".

Jing Chu said the regime inherently plunders
ordinary people to benefit the privileged few,
leaving the vast majority in pain, depression and fear.

Jing Chu: As a scholar or public intellectual,
my deep-seated fear forces me to do self-censorship
in conversations, speeches and writings.
I fear politically wrong sentences will throw me in jail.
How can I be happy? I can only feel frustrated,
defeated, depressed and suffocated.

Guo Guoting, a human rights lawyer, commented on
Theory And Practice Basis For Collapse Of The CCP,
Chinese Communist regime is a totalitarian tyranny,
their crimes are unprecedented or matched by any.

Guo: Among all communist parties in the world,
the CCP is the most obscene, outrageous and brutal.
No possibility of a peaceful transformation for it.
Needless to say that it is impossible
for a totalitarian dictatorship to transform or improve.
Chinese people must abandon all illusions,
and rely on themselves.

NTD reporters Zhang Lina , Song Feng and Guo Jing


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