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11/19/2011 -- Test #3 -- Control test (ambient and devices) = 40 CPM average = normal levels

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Nov 20, 2011
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NORMAL LEVELS ONE DAY LATER ! UPDATE ! 135pm CDT 11/19/2011 -- three outside tests done 5 blocks from my house .. 70CPM , 64CPM, and 62CPM -- this means levels at my house are VERY HIGH.. and proves the ionic breeze collection method is not artificially highly radioactive... this is GOOD NEWS !!! for the world.. for me it means.. time to get RADON professionals and natural gas people out here asap or it means yesterday had a high amount of radiation in the air-- and today its low.. one other thing .. it could have been aeorsols from cloud seeding (chemtrails) .. yesterday was a very heavy spraying day ============================== link to yesterdays high readings: Inside my house.. normal background ambient geiger counter readings are from 30-40CPM. I show in this video that the ionic breeze itself.. the background ambient CPM, the clean collection plate, and the paper towels are all registering "normal" levels BEFORE coming into contact with the debris when it is pulled from the air. The average came to about 40-45CPM on all of the above... ============================== Yesterday , 11/18/2011 -- the debris pulled from the air (over the course of 30 minutes) amounted to 349CPM and 328 CPM (in tests 1 and 2) --- This is 500-600% higher than the ambient background levels in my house ! Ambient background today on these devices, and in my house -- is far below the alert level of 100CPM and falls into the normal range. Which means that indeed ...

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