11/19/2011 - GOOD NEWS ! BELOW alert levels outside -- 65.1 CPM -- St. Louis, MO

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THIS IS GOOD NEWS ! (for the world its good news -- its not good news for us here in St. Louis locally) VERY high levels detected yesterday.. NORMAL levels detected today.. same time frame .. 12 - 2 pm CST . Radioactive particles? Chemtrails? Heavy metal aerosols? For sure its not RADON in my house, as today levels are NORMAL in the very same spot. here are the two videos from yesterday (11/18/2011) which show the high return and plasma arcing on the electromagnetic collection plate : www.youtube.com www.youtube.com These two tests, done here in St. Louis -- outside -- (away from my house about 1/2 mile) -- confirm levels at mid 60's CPM ... 65.1 CPM and 68.2 CPM are the two outdoor tests from approx. the same time of day as previous. Alert level is anything over 100 CPM. Levels in my house TODAY are confirmed LOW.. 40 CPM level. I am going to do the same test inside my house as was done yesterday. We shall see if today returns high levels as it did just one day ago. If this is localized to my house/street/neighborhood, then health effects on the hundreds / thousands of people that live close by are at risk.. if it was a localized SPIKE .. that might explain why my ionic breeze was plasma arcing yesterday.. and is NOT arcing today. The device is immaculately clean -- when the first high reading was detected, I cleaned the whole unit top to bottom just to make sure . I then performed a "background radiation test" on the device -- seen here: www.youtube.com

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