11/18/2011 -- Test #2 -- 328.8 CPM -- Airborne indoor particulates -- St. Louis, MO

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NORMAL LEVELS ONE DAY LATER ! UPDATE ! 135pm CDT 11/19/2011 -- three outside tests done 5 blocks from my house .. 70CPM , 64CPM, and 62CPM -- this means levels at my house are VERY HIGH.. and proves the ionic breeze collection method is not artificially highly radioactive... this is GOOD NEWS !!! for the world.. for me it means.. time to get RADON professionals and natural gas people out here asap or it means yesterday had a high amount of radiation in the air-- and today its low.. one other thing .. it could have been aeorsols from cloud seeding (chemtrails) .. yesterday was a very heavy spraying day ============================== 328.8 CPM (counts per minute) = 3288 over the course of 10 minutes. Test on the actual device (ionic breeze) shows normal levels on the machine itself.. (shown in this video) so we know my device is not "radioactive" or polluting the samples. (first test was 250+ CPM over 5 min - not on camera -- second test ON camera -- 349.5 CPM watch here www.youtube.com By all accounts, 100 CPM is the alert level for "high radiation". This means we are far over alert levels when it comes to small radioactive particulate matter in the air. This boldly contradicts my previous findings from cross country measurements.. highest levels cross country were in Colorado @ 80-100 CPM location : Saint Louis, Missouri date : 11/18/2011 710 pm CST Method of collection: electromagnetically charged particle collection plate 30 minute collection (stainless steel) -- ionic ...

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