Suwa Elementary School radioactivity in Yokosuka Nov, 17 2011 Slideshow Video.MPG

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How far is far enough away from the radiation. We all are effected by it though most people would like to deny there is a threat. We need to be informed in order to take proper action in protecting our kids. This is not for panic purposes but for educational purposes. Be aware of your surroundings and behave accordingly. If it needs to be cleaned, clean it. A system of continuous monthly radiation checks needs to be set up in areas where children will be playing and studying. With the spring comes the threat of radioactive pollen that will be blowing from mountain sides and local trees and flowers. We need to come up with a plan right now to protect ourselves in the future. Otherwise we are left with stupid band aids for real problems. How long will it take to decide on one logical plan of action? Gambarou Nihon...What does that mean? Suffer together? OK suffer together while we fight for what is right. It doesn't mean do gamman Nihon and sit back and pretend it isn't happening so let's just pretend to believe the lies and die together.

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