Mayan Calendar could be True. Tribulations in M.Ea

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Mayan Calendar could be True. Tribulations in M.East are positive signs. END OF THE WORLD COULD BE RIGHT ACCORDING TO THE MAYAN CALENDAR
Many have heard of this Mayan Calendar which applies to this spiritual world of Christ when everyone is to give his own account to God. It is the Golden Age when everyone is set Free but not many take advantage of this Freedom that Christ Jesus earned for us by giving his own Life as the Lamb of God. Most of his predictions have been fulfilled. The destruction of Temple for ever, the coming of the Second anointed Christ Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, bundling up of the Tares in Israel for Final Burning - Matt.13.v24-30 when the ATOMIC WAR will end this Age bringing in the New Age called SATTYUG of Saints. This Middle East unrest is created by the sons of Satan not knowing that you can tell lies to men but not to our Father God called Allah in Arabic. So, what is happening is according to the Will of our Father and our job is to Fish men into the Royal Kingdom of God. Women, the people who are not masters of their own destinies, cannot be fished into the Royal Kingdom of God. Mayan Calendar is spiritual as it goes negative, which is just the opposite of our physical age. When we come into this world, we come with certain number of years to live and as our physical age goes up. Our spiritual age goes down. And when our spiritual age touches Zero, then we die. So, is this Calendar. When it touches Zero, we expect the End of Age in which people who do not forget their tribal links, would be saved. Every plant that my heavenly father, Yahweh, did not plant shall be uprooted. The same has been stressed by Satguru Nanak Dev Ji.

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