11/20/2011 -- Three Strong systems at play -- West coast / Midwest / East Coast

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The next few days are going bring another week of interacting low pressure systems. The storm to the south MAY pull up as the system last week did.. For sure the swirling low pressure to the north will come down over the pacific northwest states of WA, ID, OR, MT, UT... then move southeast. This is the point when the two systems - south and north - may interact and cause another severe weather outbreak. Just like this past week, we may see tornadoes, strong damaging winds, and hail -- from the midwest through the south .. up the east coast. Keep an eye on these storms.. here are several links to monitor: Here are several links so you can monitor this : www.intellicast.com radar.weather.gov weather.cod.edu www.intelliweather.com weather.unisys.com www.eldoradocountyweather.com http nmq.ou.edu wdssii.nssl.noaa.gov www.srh.noaa.gov www.inmet.gov.br weather.rap.ucar.edu www.srh.noaa.gov cirrus.sprl.umich.edu vortex.plymouth.edu www.accuweather.com http www.atmos.washington.edu www.stormsurfing.com www.weather.com weather.engin.umich.edu www.woweather.com www.goes.noaa.gov livewxradar.com socc.caps.ou.edu www.weather.gov http www.inmet.gov.br www.met.hu www.meteoradar.ch www.metoffice.gov.uk www.t-online.de www.ndbc.noaa.gov www.baynews9.com www.tornadoalleylive.com www.nrlmry.navy.mil

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