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UFO? I Dunno. (Tucson, AZ - Nov. 20, 2011)

Whatever the hell that was.

It hovered for a good 10 minutes in one spot over that palm tree (after having traveled TO said spot prior to hovering) and hovered, as so, for such duration of tim3 and then elongated /diagonally/ and decided to start blinking and cruising again. wooooHOOO! The audio - I just had fun with it because:

1. The neighbors were in the pool downstairs being noisy as usual
2. I took a phone call in the middle of hunting, don't care to have every one listening to me gab. :P

The music playing is whatever was just on stream, you can thank the Alienz for the song };D
if you want, they will bring you musix, too, from time to time... or straight to the vein if you're in [or need] a rush:
7:00 P.M.

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