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Original Youtube title Dr Drew Not Sure How He Feels About Peaceful Protesters Being Pepper Sprayed Uploaded by MOXNEWSd0tC0M on Nov 21, 2011 November 21, 2011 CNN November 22, 2011 Get this Dr. Drew acts as if though he is all c...

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Dr Drew Not Sure How He Feels About Peaceful Protesters Being Pepper Sprayed

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November 21, 2011 CNN

November 22, 2011

Get this Dr. Drew acts as if though he is all confused, and befuddled about what should happen in response to peaceful students who engage in civil disobedience. To be clear, students en masse were occupying school property against the will of the school.

There is a simple legal solution to this dilemma, firstly identify the problem, it’s called trespassing. Secondly, the cops should be prepared to take the appropriate actions in dealing with trespassers.

Specifically, instruct the student’s that they are trespassing, and warn them, that if they do not leave, they will be arrested. If this warning is not heeded, then the cops can go ahead and start making arrests.

Most people who engage in civil disobedience are prepared to be arrested without incident this is why it’s called civil disobedience (granted they will probably not volunteer the cooperation of their legs, so it will take at least two cops to arrest each person.) Now on the other hand if it were some type of violent riot, that would be another situation entirely. In the situation of a violent riot, attempts at arrest would likely be responded to with the use of violent force.

Using chemical warfare (pepper spray) on peaceful protesters is tantamount to inflicting Corporal punishment without due process. (Hey, I have an idea! Let's all go spray paint some cars in Singapore.) Hell, even in Singapore there is some form of due process before corporal punishment is administered.

In the despotic America we face today, cops have different words for their pretrial Corporal punishment. Let’s not forget the fact that seeing as how it is a pretrial punishment for an offense, you never get a lawful opportunity to face a jury of your peers.

The cop alone (Judge Dredd) is acting as judge, jury and inflictor of punishment. They will use fancy words like pain compliance to mask the reality of what they are doing. Again, in reality administering Corporal punishment, absent a trial by jury is completely unlawful, and un-American.

Pepper spray is one of the ole school tactics of punishing people for not obeying their corporate masters. Now we have portable electrocution devices, that will send hundreds of thousands of volts into the victim’s body, many times resulting in death. What do you think happens when someone dies as a result of being electrocuted (or executed) by one of these so called non-lethal devices?

Well with the help of corrupt, and paid off medical coroners. They blame the victim for dying, that’s right… they will simply say that the victim suffered from a rare medical condition called excited delirium, which resulted in sudden death. So ultimately — that defense is used to help shift the cause of death from the TASER itself (which was supposed to be non-lethal) to the fabricated medical condition that was intentionally invented to help TASER INTERNATIONAL, and various law enforcement organizations to shield themselves from civil liability.

It might be worthwhile to note that TASER INTERNATIONAL, has since changed the definition of their weapon from “non-lethal” to “less than lethal”, and I’m sure if you’ll look hard enough to find the definition of less than lethal, you will learn that this does not preclude the fact that these weapons, can, will, and do, at times kill people.

Back to the point though, do you think cops should be allowed to administer corporal punishment with pain inducing weapons on protesters who are engaging in peaceful civil disobedience? If your answer is yes, then please anticipate with trepidation the fact that time wounds all heels.

Another thing to consider is this, when the group as a whole realizes that they are being unlawfully TORTURED as punishment for engaging in peaceable assembly. At some point in time, the peaceable assemblies will turn into violent riots, for the simple fact that violence begets violence.

You can’t go about inflicting violence on a peaceful group of people, and then expect the laws of nature to suddenly come to a screeching halt because you are a law enforcement officer, and therefore somehow entitled to violate the laws of physics (specifically Newton’s 3rd law of motion.) Call it what you want: Newton’s 3rd Law, Karma, everyone ultimately ends up reaping what they sew. Peaceful people are the most dangerous people to set off. There is this false notion that peaceable people are not violent. This is simply not true in all cases.

If you give a peaceable man or woman, just cause to defend themselves from unwarranted abuse, I think you’ll find that peaceable people can be one of the most violent people you’ll ever encounter. Time will reveal this fact — as the protests in this country steadily begin to transform into the type of riots that other countries across the world are now experiencing. A financial Armageddon is now upon U.S., it’s only a matter of time that these confused and upset masses of protesters end up turning to violence to express their dissatisfaction.

I neither condemn, nor do I condone the riots that are bound to occur in response to this type of police abuse. I’m merely pointing out the fact that I can see this trouble coming from miles away. Once violence kicks off in any one of these occupations, it will become nationally televised. The danger comes into play when occupational resistance to police brutality starts becoming trendy. When it starts to become trendy, “everyone will be doing it”. It is highly likely that various forms of martial law will be imposed all across the country in attempts to reestablish order.

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