Ron Paul Occupied By The Borg Collective 2011

A gaggle of 'occupy' sympathizers interrupted a question and answer session at a Ron Paul town hall gathering in Keene, New Hampshire Monday, proceeding to heckle the congressman in the form of a strange collective chant. Taking hold of the microphone at the gathering, a man near the center of the audience stood up and declared "mic check", before reeling off a pre-prepared speech, each line of which was collectively repeated by a group of so called 99 percenters. "We are the 99 percent. We will be heard," said the man. "There are criminals on Wall Street who walk free. There are protesters in jail. There is something wrong with this system." he concluded. The man then sat down and the commotion died down as Paul came back to his podium and asked the protesters "Do you feel better?". The rest of the audience then broke into applause as the lead protester stood up and gestured to Paul, wagging his finger and throwing his arms out to his sides. The Congressman responded to the protesters by stating that he has been part of the 99% for a long time and has consistently rallied against the bailouts handed to Wall Street special interests. Comment: Steve Watson, Ron Paul Website: Ron Pauls Youtube Channel: Ron Paul Facebook: ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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