The Orion Nebula - A Pattern Of Three Emerges In Famous Vatican Altars

  • Uploaded by Beforealt on Nov 23, 2011
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Although different art sculpted in a total spread of over 100 years, a pattern match HAS been identified that not only shows similar components in the Orion Nebula but ALSO their placement in THREE main altars!

The big secret is all this time the masses have no idea what they are looking at is the Orion Nebula. What did the Vatican find out about the Orion Nebula that caused them to make it the center of attention in three of their most beloved cathedrals? How would they have known the DETAILS of the Orion nebula as far back as 1580?!?

Consequently, because of the match, we can determine that in their eyes..

YAHWEH = Trinity = IHS = Eye In Triangle = Dove (Phoenix)

All the above symbols mean the same thing. They are the bright spot within the Orion Nebula. Applying a white balance shows the trinity and the eye in the triangle. (See previous videos)

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