Dr Drew Seems A Little Defensive..(Good Job Everyo

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Dr Drew Seems A Little Defensive... (Good Job Everyone!)

Wake up Dr. Drew Pinsky - you are missing the point!

I’m glad to see that Dr. Drew is at least trying to keep a good rapport with his viewership by revisiting his mistake, and then trying to explain how he was not mistaken, and that he was simply challenging the student. However I must again point out the fact that yes, people expect to be punished, when engaging in civil disobedience. People expect to be lawfully punished via due process.

That means that the cop should take the civil disobedient man or woman to jail, and they can face a jury of their peers and be judged at their trial for their “crimes”.

People do not expect their due process to be stripped from them, and the punishment to take the form of chemical warfare inflicted upon them by sadistic pigs on power trips, which somehow have come under the false impression that they have some kind of right to inflict Corporal punishment on people without any form of due process of law.You had everyone look up a word Dr. Drew, it was civil disobedience. Now please can you look up a few words for me?

1) Corporal punishment
2) Chemical weapons
3) Due process of law
4) TortureWhen should a man or woman be punished for his or her crimes, is it?

A. Before the trial


B. After the trial

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