Tarpley: Snipers are Randomly Shooting at Syrian Civilians to Create Instability (Nov 22, 2011)

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Webster Tarpley speaks from Damascus and he has been to cities like Homs and his conclusion is that there is NO civil war. There are snipers who fire at civilians to create chaos and instability in Syria.

These snipers are mainly from abroad and have been brought in by the secret services like the Mossad, the CIA and MI6, including the support of the Saudi and Qatari Dictator Regimes.

Al-Jazeera is again the master media-manipulator venting stories of Syrian army people who would have defected, whereas Tarpley has spoken to many people in Syria who want to army to come and help them get rid of the Death Squads who bring nothing but chaos and murder.

Originally to be found at: http://rt.com/news/syria-terrorism-cia-destabilization-863/

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