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do you see what i see???

  • John302
  • uploaded: Nov 26, 2011
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  • Drcassiel#

    Drcassiel December 6, 2011 9:31:02 PM CET

    just remove the supermodels part and leave the rest.

  • Nitro#

    Nitro December 5, 2011 5:33:18 PM CET

    I would like to donate several protein shakes and/or hot beef injections to all the visibly starving supermodels of america.

  • Vaccineskill#

    Vaccineskill November 29, 2011 7:09:27 AM CET

    all that brought to you by the evil chinese lodge HONG who dictates all the saxons and jews of the world hellenandchaos.blogspot.com

  • Thesaint#

    Thesaint November 29, 2011 2:05:19 AM CET

    Agree with all except "half clad supermodels selling their souls" WTF, surely killing another is selling your soul, no being scantily clad, otherwise good vid.

  • Robskidoodi#

    Robskidoodi November 29, 2011 12:54:07 AM CET

    so please can you explain what is the answer?

  • Aburgtv#

    Aburgtv November 28, 2011 9:12:50 PM CET

    Occupy Movement Definition SolvedMost see a group of unwashed young people camping on city property lacking direction and a true purpose because most only get their news from the major media outlets and never look for any alternative source of info. But when you do look for live footage or videos posted online you see something else.I think this video does a good job of laying out the problem.The solution on the other-hand is only going to be found when we prioritize our wants, wishes and desires as/for mankind.Not sure if you are for or against the "movement"?watch and decide

  • Jozseffrd#

    Jozseffrd November 28, 2011 2:55:11 PM CET

    It's all true but I also see"Doctors without Borders"some ppl try to help the unfortunate.People giving blood and donating their organs,donating their time to build house in New Orleans for the victims.I can see some good too besides all the bad

  • Eternity#

    Eternity November 28, 2011 2:05:44 PM CET

    Thanks for posting this. It is sad that we humans are so blind and selfish. We talk about loving our fellow humans, no matter what color/religion. We should first of all learn to take care of our earth and all of it's inhabitants. From the tiniest of animals to the mightiest tree. We need to learn to live with nature, not of it. Sorry for my English.

  • Frakkinjep#

    Frakkinjep November 28, 2011 2:59:13 AM CET

    Thanks for this.

  • Attaboyslim#

    Attaboyslim November 27, 2011 11:13:19 PM CET

    Remarkable video and very nicely done. I, too, see it and I also see that the world remains flooded with people who do not or will not see it for the totality of the situation. Sadly still are the ones who deny it or make excuses about it being a wonderful world even though it crumbles around them every single day. Thanks for this post.

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