A star of EL 5 Revealing more of the Glory of GOD

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Nov 27, 2011
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters,

The video before you is yet more of the Glory of GOD that can be seen in this star, the star known as Sirius. Look for the letters J.C and you will not be disapointed. The awesome depicted scenes reveal many characters and building like structures, all combined by the litteral letters of THE WORD, it is fantastic, creative, depictive, word formed art of GOD.

Some of the images will appear like picture frames squared off, as though you are looking into a picture. Along the edges of the picture can sometimes be seen the letters J.C, sometimes fingers holding the frame, or a head with eyes looking over the picture frame at you.

Once you see how this art is, then you will know how marvelous GOD is in the formation of his word formed creation, and JC is Jesus Christ :o)

Please watch the last picture in the video, as it will reveal the letters J.C clearly, each letter either side of a love heart shape, the full stop in the middle is a mouth with a beard of a face. Look at it and realise that im telling you the truth, JESUS is the Lord, and the Ultimate artist of creation, there is evidence of his initials on all OF his works, J.C alongside the very word GOD, and EL is there also, and (EmmanuEL) is Jesus (GOD WITH US).

Sirius A and sirius B will be seen more clearly in the next upcoming video, along with more of the brilliant visible Glory of GOD the Creator of these objects.

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