11/23/2011 -- Strange object on RADAR -- descends near McConnell AFB

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Nov 27, 2011
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It takes me a minute to find it -- unedited I show the full discovery process real time ... sorry it may drag on a bit -- but thats how the process goes ! And why its important to do the extra investigation to see what lies beneath ! Seen on College of Dupage --- originally looked at the area because of a reported "RADAR flare" HAARP ring over KS, OK . The final destination of this object / (these OBJECTS) seems to be very close to McConnell AFB -- either that or Wichita International Airport --- however with the flare being what it was -- and the altitude the object must have been at.. the steep decent angle of the "craft" and the speed of it.. I would say it landed at the AFB in my opinion. For SURE 'it' came down in a steep descent

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