Truth Movement Hijacked Jeff Rense Censors Truth. Save Japan and the World

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Nov 28, 2011
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Do we as members of the truth community care about anything any more? If the answer is yes, then when are we going to rise up and finally take a stand about certain issues? Jeff Rense is caught censoring my comments, you can see newer comments will show up so where did mine go? So much fear mongering, as if there were no solutions to fix the economy. Rense will sure talk about some truth but he fails to connect the truth with saving human lives and fixing the economy. This video is edited with parts from a video "Rense & Rifat - Fukushima - The End of the West as We Know It" which stops playing at about 5:55 in this video . The other part of the video after "The End of the West" shows a corrupt Japanese government, then I have audio from the video "Jordan Maxwell - Jeff Rense Interview 03-28-11 - Illuminati 'New Dawn' " with visuals added by me. A large amount of conspiracy websites, blogs and forums have recently become highly commercialized. To effectively extend counter-intelligence and their PSYOPs (ie, psychological operations), frightening truths are mixed with lies by these agent-provocateurs to undermine social and political activism. GCN an ABC Affiliate by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani Did you know that GCN -- the network which carries Alex Jones and Jeff Rense -- is an ABC affiliate? Yes, ABC -- as in the Disney-owned American Broadcasting Corporation -- the epitome of mainstream corporate media and home of propagandists such as Peter Jennings. www ...

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