UFO in 140 years old 3D stereoscopic images appear

Anyone who thinks that UFO sightings are merely a culturally determined phenomenon that only since the mid-20th Century occurs, the surprise is this photograph from 1870. Photographers then clouds over Mount Washington (New Hampshire, USA), photographed for the stereoscopic images - a kind of early 3-D image - should be used. On the finished recording a cigar-shaped object found in the great cloud - a UFO? Or say only one aberration, as skeptics?

Against the error-image theory says that the object is visible on both photos of the stereoscopic image. Further analysis will now clarify what it is actually.

Only a few years after the observation of Mount Washington astronomer Jose Bonilla managed the Mexican one - also random - recording of a passing object from the sun. The head of the Observatory of Zacatecas in August 1883 observed sunspots, when he noticed the strange image disturbance. He created some of the photos seen on those of the transit of an unknown flying object in front of our central star is clearly.

Skeptics assumed long after that they are geese, recently circulated through the network, the thesis that the object was passing fragment of a massive comet, which missed the Earth in 1883, just barely. Or is it just yet to a UFO ... they decide themselves

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