Incredible UFO In ISS Flyby 2011

I was sent this video by a source who claims he was the given the raw footage by a friend who works for NASA TV. He claims all of the footage from NASA is masked before being fed into the public TV feed. What he means by masked is that the footage of space we see on the screen is actually blacked out, they use sophisticated editing equipment to mask out visible space and replace it with a black background. Footage like this, is apparently a frequent occurrence on NASA TV, but you wont see it because of the layer of black space they add to their public TV feed. When I first saw the footage I immediately thought it was CGI or fake, but the close up footage of the object seems to yield moving parts, very difficult to fake in videos like this, but not impossible. I'm open minded about this one, could be the real deal, could be an elaborate hoax. As always you decide. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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