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Bug Out Bag Complete

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  • uploaded: Nov 30, 2011
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  • Attaboyslim#

    Attaboyslim December 1, 2011 3:26:35 AM CET

    And this will be part # 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Toilet paper, hygiene items like soap and tooth paste plus a separate source (other than drinking) water is imperative unless you plan on truly roughing it but I don't recommend it because having chaffed butt cheeks can make travel a lot more difficult. Likewise, having the feeling of just finishing a shit sandwich (bad breath) and a filthy body will soon cause; even the best of people to revert to barbaric behavior. It really is true what Lieutenant Dan said in Forrest Gump about changing your socks regularly and that applies where ever you are from the Mekong Delta to South Florida because once your feet have problems, your mobility ceases and so, you'll need plenty of socks and/or a means of keeping what you have clean. Three days of clothing (pants, shirts and under clothing), and then you need to think about food. Depending on the nature of your, "Bug Out", what will you eat and are you skilled enough to track, kill and consume wild game?I had the luxury of purchasing my food, when I could afford it but it had to be eaten in order to avoid being over ran with scavengers like rats ... etc. Homeless people have no choice than to walk away from all of their worldly possessions or to carry them around for as long as they have the strength or until someone steals them and there is No Help from the Police. The statement, "To Preserve and Protect" is the second biggest lie the world has ever seen and I won't repeat the first but most guys know what it is but I will say that you may need something of value to be used as a currency. That could be a skill, an idea, filling a void in someone else's plan for survival or actual currency like Gold or Silver. The point is that it is impossible to carry enough food to survive beyond a week or two before a fresh source is needed.Finally, you have some pretty cool lights and I'd like to have a few of them myself but you have gone into over kill. The only true need for lighting is something that can always remain with you and easily accessible, period. A good flashlight attached to your belt ... etc, is perfect. Having one for your camping area is fine but remember that light travels easily in the dark. Keeping wild animals away is fine and dandy but remember that people can also see your light and can easily find your location. This can be very dangerous. First, some people are lazy. Whether they are criminals is irrelevant. They simply find it easier to take something from another unsuspecting person instead of doing the work themselves, (especially if there are a bunch of them and only one of you) and there is one other group.By far, the biggest criminal element on the planet is one that we should all fear. The Law Enforcement community has become one of the largest and most sinister legal street gangs ... ever. They have no boundaries, they have the authority to follow the rules as they deem necessary and even to alter them as they see fit and the fallacy that they are trustworthy is a huge myth. They lie, cheat and will steal (even from the homeless) and do so, with impunity. Here is my proof: [As a homeless man, I was never arrested and yet I was not allowed to sleep on a park bench, at a Bus stop, behind a building, in front of a building, in front- back- or near an abandoned building, in an automobile, in an abandoned car, in a vacant lot, on a dead end road, on a side walk, in a dumpster or a dumpster coral, on the roof or under ground basement of any building, in the rear of a business (even with the owners permission) or in a city or State Park (even with the verbal permission of Park Rangers). After weeks of exhaustion, I slept and the location I slept was where I had been given verbal permission to do so by a State Employed Park Ranger.My camping area was raided and everything I owned was destroyed by the local Police and I was fined $268.00. Without a job, I still paid the fine and worked my way off the streets but, trust me, you need not trust those with a badge because they are criminals and worse than any wild animal you'll encounter. Save your strength for carrying important items and get rid of a few of those lights and remember that marking your trail will also lead other people to your own personal sanctuary, no matter how rustic it may be ... it is still where you'll call nome so be careful. [Note: Side effects of "Bugging Out" are talking far too much but I hope you don't mind. :) Peace]

  • Attaboyslim#

    Attaboyslim December 1, 2011 3:21:53 AM CET

    I'd like to make a comment on your video but it seems I've been a bit wordy and so I will be placing a comment or two and I hope you do not take offense to my approach because offending you is not my intention. This will be part # 1:__________________________________________________________Good of you to post the video because it is always a good thing to, "Be Prepared" but you forgot about your pack Mule. :) Sorry to be critical and I hope you don't mind but I'd like to offer some constructive criticism. First, the pack you presented is fine but it looks more like the creature comforts for a camping trip. If that is what you are planning for then that is fine, I suppose but an emergency situation requires a bit more thinking. Even with a plan, you'll still need plenty of luck and imagination in order to survive.I am speaking from the experience of someone who became homeless and had no other choice than to remain that way for ten months. I survived but it too a lot of work and 90% of your contents would have been worthless weight to carry but again, that depends on the type of emergency you find yourself in as a final decision. Allow me to give you an idea of what is needed for a homeless person must carry ... every single place they travel as a guide.Comfortable shoes for walking, boots for rough terrane (water proof if possible, if not) rain boots, {a poncho is fine but only for a minute}, a full rain suit or a jacket with hood and pants (there is nothing more heavy and tiring than carrying wet and soon to be molded clothing), a wind breaker, a heavy and warm coat, a cap and at least two pairs of gloves (one for warmth and the other for work), a very large tarp or a small tarp with a free standing type tent (a cold and wet ground will cause a persons body to ache from every joint and sickness is not conducive to survival), at least one good blanket, a decent length of rope, {your Machete` is fine but only serves one purpose}, a Hatchet for chopping wood that also has a Hammer head for driving steaks ... etc, a separate piece of plastic to cover your belongings during a rain storm, liquid insect repellant that can be rubbed onto your skin and, if possible, one with sun block to be used during the day, a camping shovel because using your hatchet for digging will only dull the edge and make chopping wood more difficult, a multi-function tool, like a Leather-man or a Swiss Army Knife, a good sharp pocket knife and a good flint striker for starting fires because a Bic will soon run out of fuel. Great idea on the Mess Kit and the small cooker. I wish I would have had one back then because I needed to also carry a pot for cooking and a place to eat on once finished.

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