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Many More NWO Bases Destroyed by David Wilcock

  • Dali777
  • uploaded: Nov 30, 2011
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  • Henry8#

    Henry8 December 9, 2011 2:54:15 PM CET

    See Ghost 32.

  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 December 1, 2011 12:07:50 AM CET

    Seems like you have been lead down the wrong path.The original story was propaganda for Russia, China, ect.. that was written by Sorcha Faal and released almost 6 months to this day..Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcox have been told this information 4 months late and have both spread this info around the web like wildfire over the last 2 months.I wish it was true but, it's not. It's all fictional.I really cant believe this story has made it so far considering where it came from.

  • Dali777#

    Dali777 November 30, 2011 9:44:22 PM CET

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