oakland chase ufo filmed by oakland protesters

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Nov 30, 2011
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Witness stated it "zipped by"... Another video, this time captured by occupy protesters, has emerged of the UFO in Oakland, CA. The first two videos of this object were shot by a woman and young boy who eventually chased the UFO.

The person who shot this video and sent it to the MUFON youtube channel (who is not affiliated with the "Mutual UFO Network") stated:

"Flying Saucer Over Oakland; Alien UFO, Korean BBQ. I was visiting an art exhibit that night in the Art Murmur district of Oakland, having just had Korean BBQ.

The ship or whatever it was, was the size of a small car, and zipped past overhead. I ran down the gallery atrium and out the front door.

The ship had frozen just over the restaurant across the street. It wavered and pulsed over the restaurant, as if absorbing something. I was startled."

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