Punjabi - Israel Fahrishhta was John, the Baptist,

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Punjabi - Israel Fahrishhta was John, the Baptist, Angel of Morality baptising Jews in the name of Abraham - 4. No sons of Man; no sons of God. Sons of Satan, MUNNMUKH have an account to settle with God but not those who are sealed to serve God called GURMUKH. Beware of the sons of Satan who proclaim in Gurdwaras such falsehoods as Sikh Kaum, a tribe or outwardly whereas a Sikh stands for a student of spirituality, inwardly, never born and never die. The Saying could be read on page 953 of Ad-Granth Sahib.
This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Raamkalee on Pannaa 953
mÚ 1 ] ma 1 ||
First Mehla:
nwnku AwKY ry mnw suxIAY isK shI ]
naanak aakhai rae manaa suneeai sikh sehee ||
Says Nanak, listen, O mind, to the True Teachings.
lyKw rbu mMgysIAw bYTw kiF vhI ]
laekhaa rab ma(n)gaeseeaa bait(h)aa kadt vehee ||
Opening His ledger, God will call you to account.
qlbw pausin AwkIAw bwkI ijnw rhI ]
thalabaa pousan aakeeaa baakee jinaa rehee ||
Those rebels who have unpaid accounts shall be called out.
AjrweIlu Prysqw hosI Awie qeI ]
ajaraaeel faraesathaa hosee aae thee ||
Azraa-eel, the Angel of Death, shall be appointed to punish them.
Awvxu jwxu n suJeI BIVI glI PhI ]
aavan jaan n sujhee bheerree galee fehee ||
They will find no way to escape coming and going in reincarnation; they are trapped in the narrow path.
kUV inKuty nwnkw EVik sic rhI ]2]
koorr nikhuttae naanakaa ourrak sach rehee ||2||
Falsehood will come to an end, O Nanak, and Truth will prevail in the end. ||2||

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