NASA Thugs at it Again? WC Moore V. Carl Clarke

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The Truth Depot rolled in to the seemingly boundless acreage of the Houston Space Center all teeming with tourists. A quick survey of the parking lot told the story that it was likely to be a capacity crowd inside.
A large colorful slide tube for the kiddies, like at McDonalds, was flanking the right quadrant just past the entrance. The lines at every gate awaiting the next ride or event, reminded me of the Museum of Natural History in New York, only the natural wonders were replaced by those of man's creation.

The Tram Tour snaked us along to Mission Control and Rocket Park. The outside rocket displays were noteworthy, but the life-size Saturn V mock-up inside the mammoth hangar was stupefying. I always knew that thing was big, but I still wasn't prepared for this sort of enormity of scope. So huge it was that I could imagine clouds forming near the top of the hangar, while the 3 stages of he rocket were splayed out horizontally one after the other.

The tour of Mission Control was far less impressive but still much more 'rewarding'. Our tram group of 50 to 60 was ushered into seats in tiered arrangement like a movie theater. We were looking through a plate-glass wall into the original Houston Control, not a mock-up or rebuild. A slender kid of perhaps 20-something rattled off from rote memory the history of the revered control room at a speed and uninspiring monotony that could put a crack-addict to sleep. When his schpiel finally ended, he delighted us by offering the invitation to anyone interested to come over to the side for a round of Q&A. Our crews producer Jim and I were quick to avail as we scurried over with camera rolling while all the others filed out in the other direction.

In jest, I opened up with a complement praising his mastery of the lengthy script and asked how long it took him to arrive at that level of performance. "About 4 years", he said. I quickly maneuvered around in asking if, in all that time, he'd ever had anyone challenge the credibility of NASA's official accounting of the Apollo Moon Missions. "Oh yeah, all the time," he admitted.

It got still more interesting as the engagement ensued ..... Hope you'll find it as tantalizingly telling as Jim and I did.

From San Antonio and Roswell-bound - The Truth Depot crew signing off.

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