Trial Of Jesus - Justice is of God, the sons of Go

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Trial Of Jesus - Justice is of God, the sons of God whilst injustice is of Satan, the bastards worse than those born of the prostitutes. .TRIAL OF CHRIST JESUS BEFORE THE PILATE.
Now, Jesus was bound by the High Priest as if he has done something seriously wrong but it was to give a dog a bad name and hang him. The present attacks on Iraq, Libya, etc also fall into the same category. This is called hypocrisy or transgression against Holy Spirit. So, when Jesus was presented to Pilate bound up as an accuse with string of false accusations, the Pilate wanted explanations or his defence to which Jesus kept silence because what can you justify against falsehoods as during the Iraq war when the country was destroyed when there were no WMD. You cannot make a stand when the Judge of your case is a once-born person who wants cheap flattery from the sycophants. The Temple Priests tried to incite Pilate that this man proclaims to be the king of Royal Kingdom of God. But when Christ Jesus told him that if he were a secular king like Pilate, his army would fight for him. This Pilate understood as no army came to fight for Jesus. But when Pilate started to impose that he has the power to kill or save him, then Christ Jesus reminded him that the Kingship he enjoys is with the grace of my Father. So far he is just, the support of my Father God is with him but if he becomes unjust, then he cannot stay on the throne and would be replaced by another just man. So, this frightened Pilate from doing anything unjust and he declared that he finds no fault with Jesus and washed his hands off the affair by washing his hand in the presence of Sun. Sun being the primary source of Light represents our Father God. That is why Pilate did not accused Jesus but left it to those who proclaimed Jesus to be the King. That is why Pilate put those inscriptions as the false accusation of the Jews. In other words, Roman held their honour by being the just persons. Saul too was a Roman and he was also the salt of the earth against the saltless Jews who stoned Stephen for no fault or reminding the Jews of the greatness of Abraham to which they were unfaithful or saltless.
Roman soldiers were once-born and the Temple Priests bribed them and boosted their ego to beat Jesus mercilessly. Same way, I had Ombudsman visit my property to settle the boundary dispute and I warned him not to do favour to any as it will be unjust. Justice is of God whilst injustice of Satan. Sons of Satan are bastards worse than those born of the prostitute and the Ombudsman said, this is very hard. So, it is. Many people do favour to others for one reason or the other and they end up in the Kingdom of Satan where there is no Peace of mind.

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