Rainbow 6 - Patriots (Kill Americans)

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Soon you will be able to buy your kids the new Rainbow 6 PS3, Xbox, PC game. This new "game" titled "patriots" attacks the real patriot movement by letting your child be immersed in the propaganda allowing your kids to kill Americans; (Patriots).

From the Game Informer issue we can now delve deeper into this prime example of poor taste and research of a game. What we learned is that because of the failing economy and corporate influence in the government, militias have been organized by one man named Tredway and Tredway has somehow convinced people, many of which are returning military vets, with morals, principles and a disdain for how the government handles things to commit acts of terrorism. The True Patriots are Insurgents, home grown terrorists and rather conspiratorial so it basically reads like one of the infamous memos from the Whitehouse calling regular Americans the enemy of the state.

What the problem here is that the True Patriots are not being portrayed like any real life militia or people who support them but instead the game turns them into some inhuman monsters that are willing to violate their own moral codes and rules to achieve their ends. It is clear that little research was done on the actual function of militias or their general purposes in real life as evident by the comment made by David Sears that Militias have no overall leader like Tredway. This is in fact absolutely false and reflects a level of ignorance that is appalling and demonstrates the likely source of the information on militias.

Why this is all how it is becomes apparent when you find out where the research came from and who was behind the writing of the script. As it turns out the research came from the Southern Poverty Law Center whom have an infamous reputation of lying and making things up to suit their agenda along with issuing various pieces of propaganda, frequently labeling people and organizations extremist when they aren’t and making up facts instead of reporting the truth. The script comes from an even worse source, Hollywood. Yes that Hollywood, the one with the ties to the military, CIA, and corporate interests the New Patriots fight. The very same Hollywood with the same political viewpoint that the Southern Poverty Law Center expresses, and the same Hollywood filled hack writers. Basically the exact opposite of the people you would want to go to for an accurate representation of Militias and their members so that you could accurately portray them in a video game.

No instead Rainbow 6 Patriots will be a demonizing of Right Wing, Libertarian values, veterans (yes they are the terrorists now too) and militias most of all, portraying the majority of Americans as the enemy (as they share the beliefs of the True Patriots). On that note the concept of controversial flies out the window for that isn’t controversial, no what Rainbow 6 Patriots is, is propaganda.

The game starts letting your kids into a glimpse of a successful business man. Nice house, nice things, nice wife; on his birthday. His door is broken down by the terrorist group "True Patriots", beating his wife taking them hostage while a baby cries in background. Establishing your hate for "Patriots".

They are not coming for you, they want the minds of your children and the uninformed.

DHS RWE Report: http://goo.gl/ZkkpG

Game Informer review: http://goo.gl/xC9XW

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