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V SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY + FAULTY UPLOAD - PT 2/2 - Norman Scarth, 86 and a veteran of the Arctic Convoy in WW2 has been harrassed by police + other despots for years - hes been beaten by police, slung in jail and denied his prescribed medication - all sorts of crap has been thrown at him but he survives to turn the table on these corrupted elements we find so often now in our services and government...heres one example recently when he was tricked by the police so as they could arrest him - from Norman himself = "Saturday afternoon 1st October 2011.
I am alone at home, 36 Anvil Court, BRADFORD. At about 12.30pm two police gained entry to this block of Sheltered Housing by some subterfuge, & thus are trespassers. They hammered on my door, demanding I open the door & speak to them. I told them they were trespassers, that they should go away; that if they had anything to say to me they should put it writing, when I would respond if appropriate. They give their names as Inspector Briggs of Stainbeck Lane Police Station, Leeds (more than ten miles away), & PC 6621 Mistri of Trafalgar House, Bradford.
THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME W.Y. POLICE HAVE DONE THIS. From the second time it became 'Harassment' which is of course serious crime, & police are no more entitled to commit crime than the rest of us.
This 'conversation' (like a broken gramophone record) went on for 15 or 20 minutes. Bad enough that the police should commit crime like this against anyone, but it is diabolical that they should commit it against an 85 year old World War 2 veteran - doing no wrong in any shape of form - & completely alone.
Mistri said, "Put your trousers on & open the door". I asked him how he knew I had no trousers on: he said, "I've looked through the letter box".
It is now 1pm, & they are no longer visible through the spy hole in my door.
Norman Scarth.
PS: I have recorded some of the 'conversation'.
PS: Though not a timid man, I have every cause to be fearful of West Yorkshire Police.
Attached is a picture showing the injuries inflicted on me by West Yorkshire Police in July 2000, following the first potentially lethal terror attack on 8th August 1999.
There has been a NATIONWIDE cover-up of both those attacks! NS.
-------------------------- light...b.

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