OFFICIAL TRAILER - Awakening: Adams Calendar

280000 years ago Annunaki ETs in the Deep Abzu (South Africa) established a vast machine for teleporting gold to their planet. These Annunaki ETs also devolved our DNA from a 12 strand DNA Light Being to 2 strand DNA. The Annunaki occupation and exploitation of Gaia and homo sapiens continues to this day. Queen Elizabeth Windsor is current Annunaki bloodline planetary ruler, maintaining perpetual war, Gaia exploitation (GOD=Gold, oil, drugs), and devolving homo sapiens DNA. Prince William, her grandson, is being groomed as planetary Annunaki bloodline King, heir to Adam's Calendar. On 11.11.11 the government of Deep Abzu (South Africa) closed Adam's Calendar, the Annunaki gold teleportation machine to the public. On 11.28.11, international researchers joined activist Michael Tellinger to enter Adam's Calendar, break the cycle of Annunaki occupation and reveal it to the world. Awakening: Adam's Calendar A film by Alfred Lambremont Webre COMING IN 2012 www.exopoliticsTV.i

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