MSNBC Security Assaults Alex Jones And Equipment

  • Uploaded by Herbert on Sep 8, 2008
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A close video analysis now shows that it was MSNBC staff members who attempted to silence free speech by physically assaulting a group of 9/11 truthers led by Alex Jones during the takeover of a live broadcast at the DNC in Denver.

One staff member, who displayed his credentials to get backstage after assaulting Alex Jones, is even seen on camera using either a knife or a wirecutting tool to severe the cord to Jonesâ?? bullhornâ?? clearly demonstrating that his intent was to destroy equipment and that he was not simply caught up in the moment.

Members of the primarily pro-Obama crowd also pushed Jones and his crew members and assaulted and smudged their cameras and equipment, with the cooperation and participation of the MSNBC crewâ?? one of whom smudged his own saliva all over an obviously expensive (and sensitive) camera lens. A man in the crowd also flagrantly hit cameraman Richard Reeves, who was quietly filming from a few feet away and gave no pretext for personal attack.

Alex Jones & crew were not deterred, however, and returned some fifteen minutes later with Luke Rudkowski, several members of We Are Change Colorado and two more bullhornsâ?? boldly asserting that any attempt to silence free speech would be met with a literal redoubling of efforts.

9/11 Truth thus challenged the tightly-controlled corporate media by dominating the airwaves with chants of â??9/11 was an inside job,â?? â??Investigate 9/11â?² and other statements for nearly two hours on MSNBCâ?? positions that are never reported on the mainstream media cable channels.

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