12/6/2011 -- Be a Champion -- ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (Jst Bryn remix)

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Dec 7, 2011
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Footage from the Fukushima fallout radiation measurement trip Summer 2011 -- western United States --- Music by Jst Bryn -- a soul / R&B artist from St. Louis, Missouri (and personal friend). Recorded on location in Devon/Salcombe/Cambridge UK --- mastered @ Shock City Studios Special thanks to Jud Mahoney, Ashan Imam, Robert Russell III , Bryan Barksdale (just Bryn), and Larry Hamilton. Also many thanks to all the great supportive people in the UK and US who assisted us during our stay, and during production. Fiona, Sandra, Michela, Bozena, Hexa, Julia, Goffy, Franchesca, Marcin, Olga, "Tryx" aka Zebulon, Chris Loesch @ shock city, KD... The whole crew from Cambridge, London, Salcombe, and lets not forget the HOLIDAY IN EXPRESS ! thanks much to all of you for your hospitality !

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