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Secret Space - The SOYUZ Conspiracy


Narrated by Elliott Gould. Includes secret film footage never seen until now. After 15 years of research, filmmakers have discovered brand-new evidence that reveals a scandalous conspiracy surrounding the death of one of the old Soviet Union's most famous cosmonauts, Colonel Vladimir Komarov. When Komarov and the new Soyuz rocket was launched into space on the morning of April 23rd, 1967, his spaceship had catastrophic failures that began almost immediately. His ship lost power on re-entry and Komarov was killed instantly on impact. The Soviet government was not about to admit this failure on the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Soviet Union and covered up the entire incident by saying that Komarov's mission had been a big success, but that he later was killed in a bus crash. Only one man in the entire Soviet Union, Komarov's best friend Yuri Gagarin, was strong enough to force the government to tell the truth about what really happened to Komarov during his space flight. This program includes secret archival footage that has never been seen by the public, until now. COMING TO DVD from UFOTV - The Soyuz Conspiracy: The Story of Vladimir Komarov - Go to www.UFOTV.com

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  • Vaccineskill#

    Vaccineskill December 13, 2011 8:55:59 PM CET

    same with states all is secret and cover up now, americans just kill you with heart attack guns soviets are less sophisticated...

  • Nitro#

    Nitro December 11, 2011 10:29:14 PM CET

    I feel guilty for watching this, to whom do I make $250K payment?

  • Ktm640#

    Ktm640 December 11, 2011 9:14:47 PM CET

    What a bunch of psychos, launch this grand piece of flying shitzka. So when it crashed they were expecting? Then Gagarin gets a ride in a mig with re-mote control guided right into the ground.

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