12/6/2011 -- TEN eruptions in LESS THAN ONE DAY @ Sakurajima volcano in Japan

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Dec 8, 2011
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This is an amazing display of raw natural power ! TEN LARGE ERUPTIONS in less than one day --- location --- south Japan. Recently, Sakurajima volcano in Japan had the alert level raised (the threat of a large scale eruption with possible multiple KM ash fallout / pyroclastic flows) . This is a compilation of shots over the past 12-24 hours at Sakurajima volcano -- south Japan. We continue to watch , and wait -- last month the Japanese agency which monitors the area did a helicopter flyover with ground sensing equipment -- measuring the rise of the mountain. The threat for a large eruption -- with NOTICEABLE impact still exists for the foreseeable future. mirrored with permission from: www.youtube.com

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