12/7/2011 -- Earthquake overview USA, EU, Asia -- 2 week outlook + links to EQ data sites

December 7 2011 Today we saw a 6.1M earthquake along the coast of Chile .. as well as the series of 5.0M quake swarms around the circumference of the ENTIRE ring of fire (and adjacent plates). The time for vigilance is now -- always have an earthquake/emergency plan ready --- that is to say .. have a shelter in place plan... a LOCAL flee plan .. and a REGIONAL flee plan... this is in case your house or entire area become a hazard zone. Food, water, extra set of keys / have your BUG OUT BAG READY --- just like Grover from SESAME STREET told you to ! see that video here: www.youtube.com If you take this earthquake increase together with the large uptick in volcanic activity these past several months -- this shows the global scale of the "problem" we are dealing with. Volcanic unrest from Guatemala to the highlands of Mongolia.. and everywhere in between... this is NO EXAGGERATION... thus leading to increased earthquake activity from the crustal displacement. Speaking of "these past several months" --- on a different, more tangible note.. Sakurajima Volcano in Japan erupted TEN TIMES within 12 hours yesterday!! link to that video here: www.youtube.com Links to use for monitoring earthquakes in your particular area (most areas globally are covered): sincedutch.wordpress.com

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