First be a son of Man, then you would be sensible

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First be a son of Man, then you would be sensible enough to be a son of the Most High Father God-3. IMPORTANCE OF THE TRIBAL IDENTITY
FINALLY, in this Dark Age Satan is at large because the Rabbis or the Brahmins are greedy and he would make his own sons, the fanatics to destroy the humanity but our Father God is on the side of the sons of Man, a Noble person and He will render protection to the noble sons of Adam. This is well illustrated in the 1947 Partition riots when a 2000 Arian tribal people came to attack our village Dhannuana, 91RB and my father told them that a Sikh or a Muslim is a spiritual self never born and therefore, never died but the tribal selves Arian and our tribal selves Jatt were born and they will die during this sectarian riots. If there are any tribal scores to settle, this is a good chance but there were none to settle. We, the sons of Adam, became Friends in Allah and there originated the Devine Love called Agape. They serve and preserve humanity rather than attack or destroy humanity. Many fanatics died for they had become the Sikhs and Muslims of physical selves. In the same way, the Chosen tribal people died when they became the Jews outwardly, the plants not planted by our heavenly father Yahweh or Brahma, the creator of male and female or Nature at large. First anointed Christ Jesus stressed in that every plant, person, that my heavenly father, Yahweh, has not planted, loses his tribal identity, shall be uprooted along with the roots, supporters. Second anointed Christ Nanak Dev Ji also stressed the same that BEEO BEEJ PATT LAE GAYAE........ That is, those who did not forget their tribal seeds or identity lived in Peace with their honours intact. But there will be hardly anyone who will go by this Saying. Most of them would be unfaithful to their tribal fathers and would perish as expected of His Will. So, the Bani or Gospel stresses that be a twice-born person by planting the tribal seed into the soil of humbleness to become a wheat plant for bearing fruit as stressed by John, the Baptist, that the Tree that will not bear fruit will be cut and thrown into the fire so that there is no trace of it or the sons of Satan. Thus, it is the tribal seed that is needed to produce a wheat plant and it keeps his identity intact through Fruit. Although Christ Jesus was born of a Virgin of the tribe of Judah, the tribe of King David and it was in this context that a woman remarked that you are the real son of David in attributes or characteristics whilst most of the Judah tribe people had become the sons of Satan as represented by the Labourer Judas Iscariot. Not all the people of Judah tribe were or are the sons of Satan but there are some preserving the attributes of King David even today. In the same way, in India, the people of Khatri tribe are sons of Satan but not all of them. So, today in the Sikh Temples, the Preachers openly speak of SIKH KAUM, a tribe instead of Sikh Panth or a community with the result people are being turned fanatic sons of Satan who have forsaken their tribal identities with those of Sikhs of turban and beard with no spiritual knowledge as the Jews were at the Times of Christ Jesus. Such Preachers who lure people into the kingdom of Satan make a good living at the expense of stones, thick-headed people. If a person like me proclaims that my tribe or KAUM is Jatt and not Sikh and see how the fanatics hurl insults at me. That was also the reason that the Temple Priests ordered the fanatics stone St.Stephen to death for asking people to become the sons of Abraham who was a Noble person. So, they are preparing for mass destruction of humanity through sectarian riots. In the Bani or the Sayings of Satguru, and not Guru, Nanak Dev Ji, it is amply stressed that the sons of Brahma, or of the raw, KACHA father to whom the raw or KACHAE VED apply, understood His Word in order to become the Sons of Father God, the Fired sons of our spiritual, PAKKA, Father God. BRAHM KAE BAETTAE SHABD PACHHATTA..... Most of these fanatics have no idea of Brahm or Yahweh never mind of the Par Brahm or God?

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