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Possible UFOs Spotted Over Allentown, PA - Dec. 5, 2011

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  • uploaded: Dec 8, 2011
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UPDATE***: "Reported UFO not that at all" (AKA the damn sky lanters strike. AGAIN)
I hate those things (sky lanterns) and I wish they were illegal, so nobody could use that excuse anymore. I'm sure sometimes they ARE just that, but some times they aren't.
"A handful of people have reported seeing something strange in the skies in Lehigh County.

A man says he and his family were leaving Sam's Club in Hanover Township Sunday evening when they spotted something overhead.

He says it looked like three gray, circular objects flying in a single line.

The objects traveled across the sky before switching directions and disappearing into the distance.

The possible sighting was posted on the Mutual UFO Network's web site."

MUFON reports on a map:

ALSO, check out youtuber seeingUFOsPA, her stuff is amazing!

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  • Psychoknot#

    Psychoknot December 9, 2011 12:16:47 PM CET

    thanks for posting this GREY the whole its just a lantern thing never gets old - regardless love the video, this is the 3rd video on this site regarding ufos in allentown in the last month or so - also another side note the direction to which these (so called)lanterns came from, it is all farmland...

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