First be a son of Man, then you would be sensible

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First be a son of Man, then you would be sensible enough to be a son of the Most High Father God-5. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TRIBAL IDENTITY:
breham giaanee breham kaa baethaa ||

mhlw 2 ] -
mehalaa 2 ||
Second Mehla: Satguru Angad Dev Ji, the Foundation Stone of Sikhism. The Main axle of Sikhism Train. SIKHI DA DHHURA.

haumY eyhw jwiq hY haumY krm kmwih ]
houmai eaehaa jaath hai houmai karam kamaahi ||
Your tribal identity is the main source of ego and engaged in this ego, you perform egoistic deeds.

haumY eyeI bMDnw iPir iPir jonI pwih ]
houmai eaeee ba(n)dhhanaa fir fir jonee paahi ||
Ego is the bound that leads you to the cycles of birth and death as animals, the victims of ego perform.

haumY ikQhu aUpjY ikqu sMjim ieh jwie ]
houmai kithhahu oopajai kith sa(n)jam eih jaae ||
What is the cause of ego and how it could be cured?

haumY eyho hukmu hY pieAY ikriq iPrwih ]
houmai eaeho hukam hai paeiai kirath firaahi ||
Ego originates from birth that you receive in a family according to the Will of our Father and then people get engaged in life. Some are farmers, some shopkeepers, etc and you acquire the professional habits or characteristics.

haumY dIrG rogu hY dwrU BI iesu mwih ]
houmai dheeragh rog hai dhaaroo bhee eis maahi ||
Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well. This is turning your tribal seed into a Wheat plant for bearing fruit. Tares, the sons of Satan do not bear fruit but troubles and sectarian riots as in India, Ireland, etc.

ikrpw kry jy AwpxI qw gur kw sbdu kmwih ]
kirapaa karae jae aapanee thaa gur kaa sabadh kamaahi ||
By His Grace, one becomes twice-born and earn His Word. Clean-hearted Saul of Roman identity was saved by the grace of our Father and He engaged into His Royal Service of Preaching Gospel by becoming from proud Roman Saul to humble Roman Paul. He kept his Roman identity intact implicitly. Whereas most of the Jews knowingly became Jews of physical body or outwardly. The same trend is in Sikhism today. Or we gather His Treasures by the grace of our Father. He Himself engages us into His Service.

nwnku khY suxhu jnhu iequ sMjim duK jwih ]2]
naanak kehai sunahu janahu eith sa(n)jam dhukh jaahi ||2||
Nanak says, listen, people: in this way, the chronic egoistic disease or troubles depart or cured. ||2||The son of Man has the knowledge of the secular world. Christ Jesus stressed that least of the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than John, the Baptist.

So, places where the people will have their tribal identities intact, they will survive the Tribulations to carry on with the human race into the Next Golden Age called SATYUG. All the Mammon infested countries would be destroyed by their own ATOMIC BOMBS.

In a nutshell, unless you become a son of Man, you are not sensible to understand His Word derived through logical reasoning. That is why His Word is called Logos.

Christ Thomas also stressed that first know what you see of Adam and Eve then what is not seen of God would be known to you. That is you must be capable of first knowing your physical or the tribal father then you will know your spiritual Father God. Treasures are not thrown before swines but those who long for Them. In fact, many do understand this simple logic but they want to follow the fashion of the world. In Jesus, we are not of this corrupt world but the pure One of our Father. Thus, many are called and a Few are chosen. In the Middle East, it is one in a thousand and two among ten thousands whilst in the East where love of Mammon and cheating is greatest of all, One in a million, KOTON MAE AIK, will know His Word. Solitary should not be discouraged as our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus was Himself Solitary and He encouraged others to be solitary. The Narrow Gate of the Royal Vineyard where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by our Father allows solitary only. Thus, you will feel lonely but our Father is with us always. So, I am always Two, me and my Father.Sikhs are supposed to know more than the Christians but they are so spiritually dead that they do not know whether it is Harmandir or Harimandir Sahib, the difference between Brahma and Par Brahm, etc.

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