Yahoo! News: When to Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse

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North America
"The Earth's umbra -- dark shadow -- will totally cover over the lunar disk for 51 minutes. Before and after totality, the Earth's dark shadow will partially eclipse the moon for one hour and 20 minutes. So the whole umbral eclipse, from start to finish, will last for about three and one-half hours. We give the eclipse times in Universal Time (and for the U.S. time zones at the bottom of the page).

Partial eclipse begins: 12:46 Universal Time
Total eclipse begins: 14:06 UT
Greatest eclipse: 14:32 UT
Total eclipse ends: 14:57 UT
Partial eclipse ends: 16:18 UT

In the United States, only Alaska and Hawaii see the whole eclipse from start to finish. From Canada, the Yukon and most of British Columbia and the Northwestern Territories will see the entire eclipse.

Nonetheless, the western parts of the mainland U.S. will see all but the final stages of the eclipse. If you live on the Pacific Coast or in the Rocky Mountain States, a partial eclipse will adorn the sky during the predawn hours, and the totally eclipsed moon will be visible low in the west at or close to dawn."
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"Places that will see the entire lunar eclipse include Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. From these places, the eclipse will take place sometime after sunset on Saturday, December 10 and before sunrise on Sunday, December 11. (Hawaii and northwestern North America also get to see the entire eclipse, though it's important to note that it's before sunrise on Saturday, December 10.)"

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